Genesis 50:20 - You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. 

Student Comments:


"You may have saved my life!"


"It made me have hope! Give that hope to more people!"


"Your presentation had a big impact on me and my friends. You have a lot of courage to talk about this topic."


"This talk helped me because I bully people and I can see how it feels."


"How you treat others does make a difference!"


Staff Comments:


"I know that by your testimony, people's lives were changed." - Andrew Tedford, Youth Leader

"Your strength to be able to use Jayson's spirit for such an incredibly important goal is truly awesome."
- Cris Heffernan

"Laura Logsdon's presentation makes a positive imprint on a child's mind. No one will ever forget her words. The life of Jayson will not be forgotten due to her courageous efforts to inform children of her loss, and thereby help children to realize suicide is not the answer to any problem." - Barb Steibel, Counselor


"Laura spoke to my 6th graders at Crestview Middle School; they were very moved and touched by her story. She truly made a difference for my students. Later several students came to me and told me that they have been thinking of committing suicide but they had decided not to because now they knew how much their parents would miss them and be hurt by their actions. I have overheard other students tell their friends not to be mean to others and during this conversation they would mention Jayson's name. I would highly recommend Laura as a speaker to any elementary, middle or high school student body. She truly made a difference in the lives of Crestview's students." - Sharon Koenig, Counselor

"I consider this one of the most important lessons my child is going to learn in elementary school. My child will never forget it; it made a huge impact on her." - Linda Wexler, Mom

Laura's mission is to reach out to all who are hurting and show them the way to HOPE!